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A Journey of Self-Creation

by Jeff Brown


In his book Soulshaping, Jeff Brown recounts his drive to what he calls a more authentic, soulful path.

While another individual probably could not use Brown's path to his own destiny, the author does provide some guidance toward that end. Two of the good things about this book are Brown's assertions that many people are on the wrong path, and that most of us hear the little voice calling out to us to pursue another way (or ways) of life.

Unlike many self-help books, Brown's does not paint an easy picture for reaching this soulful state. In fact, he emphasizes the sacrifices that must be made to reach that desired state. Most, often due to commitments and lack of courage to seek another way, do not respond fully to the calling voices.

For the person who has the courage to strive for his soulful path, Brown has provided a Soulshaping Dictionary at the end of his book.

This is a good book for anyone who has heard a little voice (or voices) about another way of life.

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Reviewed 2010
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