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A Good Talk
The Story and Skill of Conversation
Daniel Menaker

January 2011 / ISBN 0446540013
Nonfiction / Language

Reviewed by Willie Elliott

Upon looking at the title of Daniel Menaker's latest book A Good Talk, the reader expects to get a scholarly treatment of conversation and ways to improve conversation by following some sensible guidelines that have worked for conversationalists over the ages. The author in a round-about way delivers on that part of the book, but the enjoyment of the book is ratcheted up by the humor injected into his discussion. It is true that Menaker could have cut right to the do’s and don'ts, but then the book would have been only half as enjoyable.
The ongoing conversation between Fred and Ginger proved to be entertaining and the same time informing about the nuances of conversation. Much of the information that someone who wants to improve his/her conversations comes not from what to do, but what not to do.

Some of the material in the book might have been included solely for the purpose of injecting more humor into the discussion. This may have a tendency to turn some readers off, but it worked for this reviewer.

If for nothing else, just read the book for the humor, and more than likely you will get the major points about conversation by osmosis.

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