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What Makes Leaders Great: What They Did, How They Did It and What You Can Learn
Timothy F. Bednarz

Majorium Business Press
September 2011 / ISBN: 978-1621015208
Nonfictio n/Business /Self Help

Reviewed by Willie Elliott

Timothy F. Bednarz has written a thoroughly-researched book on the attributes of leadership and great leaders who used those attributes in their career.

The author uses twelve attributes found in leaders: legacy, impact, opportunity, capabilities, application, synthesis, motivation, practices, character, focus, people, and risk to distill those qualities that make great leaders. The list of leaders span a time from George Washington to Steve Jobs.

The author leads the reader through the various paths that these people took to achieve greatness. The leaders are sprinkled throughout the book under those attributes which they exhibited in their rise to success, but the reader is never focused on a Bill Gates or Donald Dell. The reader is focused on a leadership attribute and leaders who exhibited that trait are discussed with that trait in mind.

The reader has a long list of actions that can be emulated in search for greatness. A few examples include the following: they were selfless, they placed the needs of others before themselves, they showed competence and candor, they created a demand for their product and market where none existed before, and the list go on and on.

The book should inspire readers to regain America's greatness by following the steps left as a road map to follow. If followed, readers can at least become more effective leaders.

Reviewed 2012
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