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Greatest Love
Heart and Soul Series
Zhi Gang Sha, Maya Mackie, and Francisco Quintero

BenBella Books
November 14, 2017/ ISBN 1946885043
Nonfiction / Taoism / Spiritualism

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt


This is a great little companion book to Sha’s work, Soul Over Matter. Literally, it is a little book, pocket size. Greatest Love, short and to the point, carries a big message, unconditional love breaks all blockages. The wisdom and simple practices empower the reader to help the universe, or Tian, loved ones, and humanity through our challenging time. Mother earth is in jeopardy. Climate change and natural disasters are proving that we are not in harmony with nature. The practices in Greatest Love are meant to unlock the spiritual solution to every challenge facing humanity.

The reader will be led through a series of lessons to learn the highest wisdom and practical techniques for chanting Da Ai for transformation. The reader is invited to learn the Five Power Techniques and practice Calligraphy tracing for healing.

Dr. Zhi Gang Shi is a renowned healer and humanitarian and the creator of Tao Calligraphy and the Tao Academy. A medical doctor and teacher, he provides self-healing techniques for more than one hundred conditions. Included are practices for diabetes, weight loss, back pain and more. Interestingly, although he is a medical doctor, trained in Chinese medicine, he continues to believe in spiritual healing; something traditional western medicine does not practice.

The nicest thing about this book is that it is condensed and simplified, easy to carry in a pocket or purse. This makes it a great companion to the more complete series for referencing during the day when one feels the need to chant or recite specific practices for healing and transformation.

Another interesting note: part of the healing practice is to forgive all ancestors who went before for their sins. This reminded me that I am responsible for the Karma my ancestors laid before me and I must be forgiven for their Karma before I can be healed. This practice relieves stress and opens the heart for new spiritual healing. To know is to experience. Experience Greatest Love!

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