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Ketone Therapy
The Ketogenic Cleanse and Anti-Aging Diet
Bruce Fife, ND

Picadilly Books
August, 2017/ ISBN 978-1936709137
Nonfiction / Self-Help / Cooking/Food

Reviewed by Leslie Halpern


Just a few months after the American Heart Association released a report advising against the use of coconut oil as a source of fat in our diet, certified nutritionist, naturopathic physician, and popular author Dr. Bruce Fife reaffirms his position stating the opposite. In this book (as in many of his other 20+ books including Dr. Fife’s Keto Cookery), he cite numerous studies proving the miraculous health benefits of using coconut oil as the main source of fat in our diet and embracing a low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein eating plan.

His research (and studies conducted by others) indicates one main source of aging and disease: sugar. Sugar and various sugar substitutes affect glucose levels and create free radicals – dangerous elements that lead to a multitude of health problems. Dr. Fife explains how a diet rich in coconut oil (and other healthy oils such as butter, palm oil, and olive oil) combines with fresh vegetables, whole foods, and meat to create a perfect state of ketosis in the body where fat is used as a fuel source instead of glucose. He cites multiple examples where a ketogenic diet has relieved (or completely cured) cases of cancer, diabetes, macular degeneration, epilepsy, and other prominent diseases.

Although the text includes frequent medical jargon that may be challenging for some readers, the book also features occasional black-and-white photographs and charts that break up the text and simplify some ideas. For instance, instead of noting sugar products and sugar alcohols within lengthy paragraphs, he lists them separately so they can be noticed, copied, and found again easily. The often-cited research is broken down by chapter in an extensive reference section in the back of the book. And appendix provides nutrient values of select foods, and an index also makes it easy to find specific information if readers are only interested in ketone therapy in conjunction with certain subjects, such as low-calorie sweeteners, cholesterol, or multiple sclerosis.

Divided into 13 chapters – from “A Miracle Diet” to “Ketone Therapy” – this book makes a strong case for ketosis using science, logic, and research to prove its points. Whether it’s for weight loss, longevity, or relief from disease, adopting the ketogenic cleanse and anti-aging diet described in this book seems a safe and cost-effective alternative to other available options.

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Reviewer Leslie C. Halpern is the author of four nonfiction books, including 200 Love Lessons from the Movies and four children's books, including Silly Sleepytime Poems.
Reviewed 2017