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The Shame Factor
Heal Your Deepest Fears and Set Yourself Free
BY Stephan B. Poulter, PhD

Prometheus Books
June 4, 2019 / ISBN 9781633885226
Psychology/Self Help

Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby


The Shame Factor takes a different approach to addressing some mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Addressing shame instead of an overlaying concern could help people develop better coping skills when faced with issues around depression and anxiety. Finding the cause of shame could be difficult, since it appears at such a young age.

The Shame Factor has steps to help focus readers on how to figure out when they first felt shame, what shame truly is, and how shame could affect several aspects of one’s life. There are also steps in how to change the shame once it is figured out and help readers “fix” it enough so it is not a huge hiccup in one’s life.

The Shame Factor includes several case studies of Dr. Poulter’s and this reader would have liked to have read one case that fully described the issue, how shame played a role, and how that person was able to overcome it, instead of it being broken up and mingled with other cases throughout the chapters. Overall, The Shame Factor takes a slightly different view than most outpatient therapies and helps try to locate a much more underlying feeling that could be behind so many other issues that affect most people. If someone is trying to figure out why they are anxious or depressed, The Shame Factor could help find an underlying concern that the person might not have been aware of in their present concerns.

Reviewed 2019