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The Myth of 8 Hours, the Power of Naps, and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body & Mind
BY Nick Littlehales
Read by Nick Littlehales

Hachette Audio
March 2018/ ASIN: B07B1JFXHT
Self Help / Audiobook - 7 CDs, 6 hours and 39 minutes

Reviewed by Leslie C. Halpern


An elite sports sleep coach and creator of the “R90” sleep technique, Nick Littlehales has written a book to help everyone maximize their time at rest. Readers, who for the most part should be aiming for six restorative 90-minute sleep cycles per night, will learn first about whether they are early birds or night owls, a determination essential for determining how to structure their days and nights.

Narrated by the author in a crisp British accent, the book discusses the importance of technology, lighting, intellectual stimulation, physical comfort, and other requirements for getting a good night’s sleep. Despite what most of us have been taught, one eight-hour night’s rest is not necessarily right for everyone. Sleep requirements vary depending on age, lifestyle, and physical features. Although Littlehales created his sleep technique with athletes such as competitive cyclists, soccer teams, Olympic athletes, and NBA and NFL players in mind, it’s applicability to the general population is what prompted him to write this comprehensive book on an important subject that many of us take lightly.

For instance, he writes about how nightly brushing your teeth in front of a fluorescent light in the bathroom accompanied by a brief dialogue with your partner as he or she does the same thing is a stimulating eye-opening experience rather than a relaxing pre-bedtime ritual. To avoid the harsh lighting that signals daytime to our bodies, he suggests brushing our teeth and perhaps a quick late-night shower by candlelight as a more relaxing bedtime ritual. Another suggestion he makes is to brush our teeth hours before bedtime and use the remaining time to relax our bodies and bodies by performing a brief filing or organizing project to declutter before going to bed.

As if the pre-sleep and sleep requirements weren’t enough to focus on, the author also has post-sleep waking rituals to help us rise and shine. He also provides good reasons to avoid sleeping late to “catch up” on lost sleep, which he says is actually lost forever. Sleep provides much more than just a guide for improving our sleep. Filled with relatable examples and easy-to-understand ideas, it’s a guide to sleeping better and more efficiently so that we can live better and more efficiently. It’s an excellent book for anyone even remotely interested in the subject of sleep.

Reviewed 2018