By Selma R.Schimmel with Barry Fox PH.D

Broadway Books - May 1999
ISBN: 0767903250
Nonfiction / Self Help / Health

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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This isn't just a book for people who have been touched by cancer, but, for their loved ones as well.

It will get you informed on every aspect of cancer. Help you deal with the emotions of your diagnosis, helps you cope with the physical and sexual issues. Help you to learn your options in your treatment process, and in the legal work place issues and what your insurance will and will not cover; most of all, how important it is to be in a cancer support group. This is a very important book for those who want to be well informed about this illness.

I've yet to deal with this in my family, knock wood, I was sincerely impressed and informed. Very well done.

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