By Dale Carnegie

Simon & Schuster  Audio - 1999
ISBN: 06710432226 - 8 cassettes - 10.5 hours
Nonfiction / Self-Help

Reviewed by: George Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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In the early nineteen hundreds Dale Carnegie was born, not to greatness, but to survival. 

Through his common sense gained from hard knocks in life and his ability to gather testimonies of people around the world, about their trials and tribulations of life, he is able offer up ideas of how to rid ones self of anxiety and worry. The testimonies reveal what others have faced and lived through in their lives; one such person that I was impressed with, was, Elmer Thomas a U.S. Senator from Lawton, OK. Another is the interview with Henry Ford, where he says, "I don't worry about anything, God's the master mind of this universe, and I’ll let him do the worrying."

Dale Carnegie's book/audio "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, will help you how to focus in this hurry and scurry life, we all lead, and bring your life back into perspective in what's important and what's not. 

This is a tape set that should be kept and used as a tune-up kit when the walls of life start pressing in.

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