How To Discover What You Really Want and How To Get It
By Barbara Sher

DTP  - September 1995 
ISBN: 0440505003 - Paperback
Nonfiction - Self-Help

Reviewed by: Annie Bonneau, MyShelf.Com

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I’ve never needed to read Self-Help books; I’m not that kind of girl.  But this particular one caught my eye at the bookstore and after actually reading it … let me tell you, I’m sold!  I was looking for a book on Career Change.  Naturally, this section of the store has quite a few, but the back jacket of Sher’s book kept me interested because it detailed the content I was seeking:
- How to find my career path
- What am I supposed to be doing with my life
- What to do if I have a fear of success
- What if I want too many things and cannot choose just ONE thing
So I took a chance, what did I have to loose.

This is what I learned about myself:
- I was a “Jack of all trades, master of none” kinda gal
- I love too many things and cannot commit to only one
- I am a ”scanner” and not often a “diver” when it comes to my passions

So, I’m still at the same job, but now I know why I find it unsatisfying and what it is that I should be looking for to suit my “scanning” personality, and now I know how to get it!

This book has many great exercises that help you identify and learn about your “self” and take pleasure in the simplicity that is your life. I recommend this book, if you are having doubts about your present career.  The worst you’ll get from it is practical advice on how to get what you want.

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