PALEO by Yvonne Navarro 
A Buffy The Vampire Slayer Novel
Pocket (Simon & Schuster) - 2000
ISBN 0743400348 – Paperback
Young Adult - Paranormal

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde,
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Kevin Sanderson is finding Sunnydale very boring after life in Chicago.  It is his last year at high school and all he wants to do is study his beloved palaeontology so he can move on to college and get a job.  So when he meets up with Daniel Addison who works at Sunnydale’s own museum he thinks he has found a soul mate.  But Daniel has a secret that he is only too willing to share with the young impressionable Kevin – one that is going to mean big trouble for Buffy and the Scooby gang.  Meanwhile what exactly is Alysa Bardrick’s real interest in Oz’s band The Dingoes? 

This is one of Pocket’s adult novels based on the series and as such has more scope for character development, action and plot.  We don’t learn anything new about the characters but there is plenty of action and fun, witty one-liners and we get to focus on what more than one character is thinking or feeling which is a plus.  This one would not be easy to do on the small screen either so there is an added dimension of getting something that the series wouldn’t actually air – another plus.  Entertaining and fast paced this is an exciting addition to the hit series and growing library of books surrounding it.

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