THREE TO DIE by Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton
Fiction Works
ISBN: 1581245734 - eBook
Young Adult - Mystery

Reviewed by Pam Stone,

At Lake Arapaho, getting ready for the summer’s campers to arrive the camp crew, Shannon, Traci, Marge, Blaine, Nick, Gina, and handy man Fred Willard are drawn back to last years tragedy. Del Evans was in love with Marge, but Marge was in love with someone else and had no use for Del. Marge gets a note telling her to “meet me at the boat house” signed by a secret admirer. She hoped that it was from Nick. When she saw Del at the boathouse, Marge became very angry and runs for her boat to flee. As she takes off, Shannon, Traci, and Del jump aboard. Marge and Del become embroiled in a heated fight. Marge gives Del a push and he falls from the boat. Del, not being able to swim very well, is in trouble from the beginning. Shannon jumps in to save Del. After awhile she knows that it is fruitless. Del is gone; his body is never recovered.

Very peculiar things begin to occur as they are preparing for this year. While Shannon and Traci are painting the boathouse, someone paints in red paint “Remember last year.” Shannon can’t help but read some lethal omen into the message. Later Shannon and Traci’s cabin is broken into while they are asleep, and Del’s favorite song “Save the Last Dance for Me” was left playing on Del’s recorder.   Marge is found drowned after a fight with Nick. You get the impression that everyone is a suspect, and of course, they all have secrets to hide about the night that Del died. Traci is the next one to be warned with a note that says “Meet Me in the woods.” Shannon knows that it is her turn, so she must figure out who is blame.

This is a very well written mystery with a plot that spirals to a very astonishing end that you never expect.

The authors Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson continue to put out books that get better than the previous ones. I look forward to their next book with anticipation.

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