R.L. Stine Picks His Favorite Scary Stories
By R.L. Stine
HarperCollins - 2002
ISBN: 0066238420 - Large Hardcover
Teen / Young Adult
Fiction / Horror

Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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R. L. Stine is famous for his scary, twisted tales of terror and mayhem, but this time we get to see R. L. Stine as the reader of scary, twisted tales of terror. Stine himself put this collection of scary stories, written by other authors, together. Included are a couple of new ones by him. You'll read about strange ferris wheels, conjuring women, and even a short story written by Bram Stoker and retold by Stine himself. Be sure to read the introductions at the beginning of each story; they tell why Stine picked that story.

Beware! is an incredible collection of short stories. Here is the list:

The Black Ferris, Ray Bradbury
The Conjure Brother, Patricia McKissack
My Sister is a Werewolf, Jack Prelutsky
The Surprise Guest, R. L. Stine
The Judge's House, Bram Stoker, retold by R.L. Stine
The Cremation of Sam McGee, Robert W. Service
The Elevator, William Sleator
The Witches, Ronald Dahl
Joe Is Not a Monster, R.L. Stine
Tiger in the Snow, Daniel Wynn Barber
A Sock for Christmas, A Grimm Fairy Tale from The Vault of Horror, Volume 4
The Terrifying Adventures of the Golem, a Jewish Folktale retold by R.L. Stine
Examination Day, Henry Slesar
Harold, Alvin Schwartz
The Girl Who Stood on a Grave, Alvin Schwartz
A Grave Misunderstanding, Leon Garfield
Mister Ice Cold, Gahan Wilson
Haunted, Shel Silverstein
Flood-Curdling Story, Shel Silverstein

Stine has always been one of the most well-known horror writers in Jr. highs and high schools alike. The TV show "Goosebumps" is even based on stories written by him. This is a definite read for some Halloween spooks.

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