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Release Date: 2002
ISBN: 1-55316-038-X
Format Reviewed: E-Book (Download or Disk)
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Genre: Teen / YA / Fiction / Mystery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Beverly Rowe
Reviewer Notes:

Faces in the Dark
Lou Dunlop Series, No. 3
By Glen Ebish  

     Lou Dunlop is back and just eating his lunch and minding his own business when Jessie and her friend Laura approach him. Since Jessie hasn't been paying much attention to Lou since their adventure last summer, he is reluctant to get involved in another investigation. But Laura is interesting; Lou would like to get to know her better, while making Jessie jealous.

     Laura, who works at the drive-thru window at the Happy Burger Hut, has been terrorized by someone who drives up, wearing monster costumes. Laura wants Jessie and Lou to find out who the jokester is. Lou ends up standing watch outside the Happy Burger. When a guy pulls up wearing a clown costume and Laura faints, Lou tries to catch him. The guy gets away, but nearly runs over Lou in the process. Lou finds out about Tony Conti, who was a previous boyfriend of Laura's and has a reputation for being a borderline criminal. When they question him, Tony threatens them, tries to run them off the road, and then ends up being murdered. Lou is really in up to his neck in trouble this time.

     Ebish is a master at creating characters that you love and plots that keep you reading with their unexpected twists and turns. This series is sure to hook reluctant readers and keep them asking for more.

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