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Publisher: Hardshell Word Factory
Release Date: February 2004
ISBN: 0759941718
Format Reviewed: E-book
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Genre:   Teen fiction
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Michelle Shealy
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Summer Replacement
By Ann Herrick

      Fifteen-year-old Cathy Price thinks going to the beach this summer with her parents and her little brother is a bad idea. She'd rather stay home and makes plans on how to get the attention of the cute boy Dan who drove her home one day after school. Her best friend Samantha tells her to find herself a summer romance to practice her approach on, so that in the fall she can at try it on Dan.

       The minute she gets to the beach, she starts looking for possibilities to put to use her summer practice plan. Cathy encounters a few surprises, but will she find what she's looking for? Cathy finds herself in some interesting situations and has many choices to make. What will Cathy learn from her practice romance? It’s going to be a long summer for her and her little brother Jason. Will Dan notice the changes when summer is over?

     I enjoyed reading this story; it took me back to a time when I was a teenage girl and how confusing that period was. It is funny how the things we see so clearly when we're older are so muddled then. The author provides a nice breezy summer read.