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The Crystal Throne
First in a series

by Kathryn Sullivan

      The first installment in Kathryn Sullivanís series, The Crystal Throne, first appeared as an ebook in 2002, winning the prestigious EPPIE award for Best Fantasy. It made its way into print two years later and became the foundation for Sullivanís sequel, Talking to Trees. In The Crystal Throne, Peter Burns and Jeanne Tucker are thrown into a fantasy world when a horseback riding accident throws both of them into the branches of an ancient tree. That tree, the Watcher, is really a sentient portal into an alternative universe which humans had fled from centuries ago. Here, Peter and Jeanne become involved in a mission to rid the land of three evil witches who have enslaved the land. With the help of talking horses, wizards, dryads, and elves, Jeanne and Peter come face to face with evil. Using the abilities that they have discovered within themselves in this new land, they save the day.

Sullivanís work is well-plotted. Her characters are multi-dimensional, and her portrayal of fantasy cultures is well-thought out. Though these books are written for young people, they hold the interest of adults who enjoy fantasy as well. I was impressed with the creativity Sullivan used to create her worlds and the people within them. I truly hope she continues to write about this land and provide new adventures for Peter and Jeanne.

The Book

Amber Quill Press
February 2004
trade paperbacks
YA fantasy
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NOTE: 2002 EPPIE award for Best Fantasy

The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2006
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