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Talking to Trees
Second in a Series

by Kathryn Sullivan

      Talking to Trees, the second book in Kathryn Sullivanís limited series, puts magic partners Peter and Jeanne once again into the fantasy realm. This time, though, Peterís snobbish sister Jody is carted along with them through the Watcher, a portal into this alternative land, on a mission to rescue a magical tree, the Grandmother, from the death-wielding evil Old One. Unfortunately, all three of them are separated when they enter this land.

Talking to Trees offers new characters aplenty, new adventures, and Jeanne and Peter use their growing magical abilities in new ways. In addition, Jody learns a valuable lesson because of her experiences in this strange land.

Talking to Trees is well written. The braided plot with three streams of storyline adds to the intrigue and excitement of the story.

To fully enjoy this book, however, you really need to read the first book first, The Crystal Throne (see the review this month). That book lays the foundation for the magic and the relationship between Jeanne and Peter. It also establishes the history of the fantasy land and the cultures of the different creatures they encounter.

The Book

Amber Quill Press
January 2006
trade paperbacks
YA fantasy
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The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2006
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