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New Moon

by Stephanie Meyer

      After the nearly fatal run in with some of the world’s most fiercest vampires, Edward, Bella, and the rest of Cullens clan did everything in their power to put it behind them and bring as much normalcy as they could back into their lives... well as much as a bunch of vampires and an odd human could have in their lives, anyway. They soon realize, though, that Bella’s humanity and her love for Edward could be deadly when a simple clumsy accident turns into a total nightmare for Bella, Edward, and the Cullens. The family soon disappears member by member, with Edward being one of the last to leave.

With her world totally taken from her, Bella retreats into her own basic lifestyle, becoming even more anti-social than she was before she met Edward. After a few months, however, she runs into a part of herself that could make it easier for her to bear the loss of her love. With severe determination, Bella regroups and pulls her old friend, Jacob, in to help. They soon, however, find themselves way too deep in a mystery far older and stranger than either of them could’ve ever dreamed existed in the small towns of Forks and La Push.

I am in love with Stephanie Meyer’s writing. New Moon is the sequel to Meyer’s best-seller, Twilight, and it takes the reader far deeper into the world Meyer has given her fans. Twisting plots, witty dialogue, and fantastic description, Meyer’s plot and writing style are as entrancing as a vampire’s eyes. You’ll never know just how long you’ve been reading until the last page is turned and your alarm clock is going off. It’s absolutely thrilling!

The Book

Little, Brown & Company
Augusr 2006
Teen/YA Fantasy/Fiction
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Carisa Weeaks
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