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The Twilight Saga, Book 3

by Stephenie Meyer

      Two lives, two loves, 1 decision. Bella is in a position that she never thought shed find herself in — stuck between a rock and a hard . . . head. Edward is adamant about his conditions for her joining his "family" and Jacob is more intent than ever to make her see that she loves him more. To make matters worse, they all now face a growing panic spreading from the metropolis of Seattle, where a "serial killer" is wreaking havoc and racking up the body count higher in just a few weeks than most have in a few months. Could the growing paranoia Bella feels about Victoria be a sign or is there some other game going on that could get Bella, her friends, and her family in serious danger?

All I have to say is this: the only reason I made myself put this book down was so I could concentrate on my day job. Its amazing! I fell in love with Bella and the Cullens in the first book, and Jacob and his werewolf pack brought even more life into the story in the second book, but this tops them all. It was a bit slow at first but this is definitely not a book to be read out of sequence for that reason. It covers a lot of background that the first and second books graze over and digs deeper into the pasts of the characters who were not as prominent in the previous volumes. I recommend it for any vampire / werewolf buff who is into enjoying some deep drama mixed with sarcasm, dry wit, and a touch of sentimental romance.

Absolutely Fabulous!

The Book

Little, Brown Young Readers
August 7, 2007
0316160202 / 978-0316160209
Young Adult Fiction
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Carisa Weeaks
Reviewed 2008
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