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Breaking Dawn
The Twilight Saga, Book 4

by Stephenie Meyer

      Itís finally happening—the wedding she never wanted. As if driving an expensive armored car around the small town of Forks wasnít enough to make her feel overexposed, the sudden rush to the altar that she finds herself in is more than enough. The moment the ceremony is over, though, everything seems so perfect the plain girl whoíd begged so hard to be changed into a vampire starts to second guess her need to rush into the "altered lifestyle." No one in the world wouldíve been able to guess that their union would bring that change (among others) into their lives more quickly than even her constant begging would have. And bring the head of the vampire race down on them faster than they can react.

Itís sad that itís the last in the saga, but what a way to go out! I wonít give away any spoilers but the story plot is the best Iíve seen yet! The characters really come out in this one and the way the story shifts point of views from Jacob to Bella is absolutely drool-worthy. Itís nice to finally get into this guyís head! Itís definitely worth the time it takes to read it but be strongly advised to read the other three books in this series first. The movie doesnít cover half of what the books do and every word is golden when itís penned by a woman like Meyer.

The Book

Little, Brown Young Readers
August 2, 2008
978-0-316-06792-8 / 031606792X
Young Adult Fantasy
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Carisa Weeaks
Reviewed 2009
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