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The Child Thief

by Brom


Peter—half human, half fairy—is left in the snow to die by his human family when barely a baby. Rescued by a troll who raises him, the boy soon finds out about another world, invisible to humans, populated by magical creatures.

Unfortunately, these magical beings are not friendly toward him. The fairies, like the humans before, ar not willing to accept a half-bred boy and wish him harm... but for their queen, who protects him and steals his heart.

For centuries Peter lives, a boy who never ages, between both worlds, while all around him the world of men grows stronger, and the world of magic weaker, until all the land the fairies have left is an island drifting in the ocean.

And even there they are not safe, as one day pilgrims come on their big ships, and with their superior weapons defeat the joined army of magical beings. The consequence of this defeat is a never-ending war for survival between both groups.

Peter, compelled to defend his queen, becomes the Child Thief. Moving between the Island and New York, he steals children from the world of men, lost children who, blinded by Peterís mischievous smile and his promise of a better life, follow him through the mist.

Many children have died over the years, keeping the pilgrims at bay. But this time, Peter knows it will be the last battle. And so, desperately in need of more children, he goes to New York one more time, and brings Nick to the Island.

In this dark take on the classic tale of Peter Pan, Brom manages to blend modern times with the old Celtic myths of fairies, in a beautiful, imaginative story which flows seamlessly together until the end.

I was easily drawn into the stories of Peter and Nick and the other lost children, and intrigued by the fate of the magical people. But I am not sure how I feel about the ending.

The big surprise was predictable and the resolution somehow lacking, yet the journey itself is magically worth it.

The Book

EOS / Harper Collins
August 25, 2009
9780061671333 / 0061671339
Fiction / Teen / Young Adult, Age 15-21
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The Reviewer

Carmen Ferreiro
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban is author of the award-winning YA fantasy novel Two Moon Princess [2007], recipient of the ForeWord Magazine Bronze Award for Juvenile Fiction. Its sequel, The King in the Stone, is scheduled for publication in 2010.
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