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Strange Angels
First book in the Dru Anderson series

by Lili St. Crow


Since her grandmotherís death some years back, sixteen-year-old Dru has not stayed more than three months in the same place. Her father takes her from town to town as he tracks and hunts monsters from the Real World.

Sometimes he†takes her†with him in his huntings because she has, like all females in his family, "the touch," the ability to see those invisible to the human eye. But not this time. This time he goes alone.

When the next day he returns, a zombie intent on killing her, Dru destroys her fatherís soulless body and flees. Trapped in an unknown city a snow storm has paralyzed, she has now become the hunted.

As the monsters of the Real World wait for the night to enter the human world before searching for her, a grieving Dru must decide who to trust. Will she trust Graves, the boy who befriended her before his encounter with a werewolf changed him into what Dru can only guess? Or Christopher, the half-vampire with the looks of an angel who claims to be her guardian?

She must decide soon, because night is closing in.

The first in a new series, Strange Angels is a strong title on its own even as it sets characters and setting for the ones to come.

I found Druís reaction to her predicament realistic. She is sixteen, just lost her father and sheís being hunted by monsters. No wonder her actions are erratic, naive and reckless, all†at once. As current events stir buried memories in her mind and she starts to realize there is more to her past life than the facts she remembers, I was right there, cheering her along, eagerly anticipating what is to come.

Strange Angels is told in first person from Druís point of view. It works well most of the time, but when she is in danger, which is quite often, she hears in her mind her father's voice giving her advice. This device becomes intrusive, annoying and unnecessary. I hope it is dropped in the next books in this series.

The Book

Razorbill. Penguin Young Readers Group
June 2009
ARC for Paperback
Young Adult Fantasy / Paranormal
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NOTE: Some swearing. One of the main characters smokes.

The Reviewer

Carmen Ferreiro
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban is author of the award-winning YA fantasy novel Two Moon Princess [2007], recipient of the ForeWord Magazine Bronze Award for Juvenile Fiction. Its sequel, The King in the Stone, is scheduled to be published in 2010.
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