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Virtual Christmas

by Clyde Hedges


Jake Samson is suffering from teen angst in a big way.  He's wealthy, handsome and smart, but the only reason his friends hang out with him is for what they can get, not because they like him.  Holidays are always the worst of times for Jake in spite of the efforts of his parents.  He takes out his frustration on his parent's employees, and then on a hungry and cold puppy.

Jake is not a very likable character. But then the ghost of his grandfather visits Jake on Christmas Eve, and though Jake's friends Clem and Jorge have come to play the latest computer games on Jake's state-of-the-art computer, Jake is compelled to play a virtual game on his own, engineered by his ghostly grandfather.

In this updated, modern version of Dickens' Christmas Carol, Jake visits Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. Jake gains some incredibly revealing insights as he sees the pain of others and how his abominable behavior has added to their suffering.

There are lessons for all of us to learn as Jake sees himself through the eyes of others. Clyde Hedges has created compelling and sympathetic characters in this story with a fast moving plot.  Though somewhat predictable, it is very entertaining and inspiring.

The Book
November 10, 2009
Young Adult Fiction
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NOTE: Holiday: Christmas

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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2009
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