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Chronicles of Nick, Book One

by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Read by Holter Graham

     Nick Gautier is a young man of 14.  As with all teens, his thinks he knows it all.  Then, one night, his so-called friends try to kill him.  He is saved by a mysterious Dark-Hunter.  From then on he is dropped right in the middle of a world of Dark-Hunters, immortals, demons, and so much more.  His fellow students are turning into flesh-eating zombies, he meets a demon named Simi, an immortal named Acheron, and still has to keep from getting grounded by his mom for being late getting home.

Kenyon has a wonderful way of blending quick-witted comedy with action and adventure.  I read the book before I listened to the audio.  I believe it gave me the advantage by being able to concentrate on how the story was read.  Holter Graham has a fresh young voice that seems to really fit the character. I believe it is well read and well worth taking the time to listen to.

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The Book

Macmillan Audio
May 25, 2010
Unabridged Audiobook 9 CDs / 11 HRs
978-1-4272-0909-2 / 1-4272-0909-X
Fantasy - Teen
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The Reviewer

Linda Young
Reviewed 2010
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