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Jack: Secret Circles
Repairman Jack YA series

by F. Paul Wilson


As a long time fan of Wilson's Repairman Jack, I was delighted to discover he was writing teen novels that revealed the early years of Jack's life.

Since I was a teen when I read my first F. Paul Wilson book, it seemed only fair of him to write books specifically for teens now. Although these young adult novels are definitely less extreme than the adult novels—Jack didn't have to get violent with anyone in this book—we can see the roots of Jack's obsession with helping those who can't help themselves. Disquieting things are happening in Jack's peaceful hometown. A little boy disappears. Jack and his closest friends discover an ancient structure in the pine barrens, a structure that looks a lot like a cage for something really, really big. Jack discovers an old friend's family is in trouble. And Weezy wants to do some breaking and entering to retrieve something she considers hers from a very spooky secret society. So Jack responds with the strong moral compass that he has throughout all the Repairman Jack novels—others may not approve of Jack's choices, but he always does what he believes is right. I found the novel engaging and fast paced. I enjoyed spending time with this young version of a character I've loved for years. And I'm definitely looking forward to the next outing with young Jack. If you have a reluctant reader on your list who likes the shadowy side of adventure—this book is a sure winner.

The Book

Tor / Tom Doherty Associates / Macmillan
February 2, 2010
0765318555 / 9780765318558
Tweener fiction / Ages 9-12 / Horror
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2010
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