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by Andrea Cremer

      Calla is an alpha wolf that can shape- shift into a human. She is a human teenage high school senior who shape- shifts into a wolf. One early morning while on patrol, Calla, in wolf form, comes across a young man being attacked by a bear. With the help of her second, they fight off the bear and it retreats. With the threat gone, Calla realizes how badly the young man is injured. Knowing what she must do, she sends her second away. Changing into human form she walks over to him and does what she must to save his life. She would later learn that his name is Shay Doran and he would turn her world upside down.

Andrea Cremer has added a fresh new way to look at the human/wolf story. They live as humans in an isolated encampment, go to school with regular humans, go out on patrols as wolves, and don't let the regular humans know they are wolves. They have keepers who have magic and run the show and have complete control over the wolves. The keepers rule with an iron hand.

At first I thought this book was going to go really slow. But, as I got further into it, things picked up and I became hooked. With Cremer's new look at wolf shape- shifters it brought an interesting twist to the story. Once you get to the surprise ending, you will be chomping at the bit to read the sequel. I know I am.


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Philomel Books – A division of Penguin Young Readers Group
October 19, 2010


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