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The Devouring Book 2

by Simon Holt


Every once in a while, I find a book that reminds me of why I adored horror as a teen. The first book in this series did exactly that and Soulstice pulled me right back into that world. It's been six months since Reggie saved her little brother Henry from possession by the demonic Vours. But these monsters are far from done with her family. Reggie's ability to return a soul to its possessed body has the Voors particularly interested in her. But are they afraid of her or do they intend to use her in some plan she can't even imagine? This is a wonderfully creepy novel, filled with nightmare fears and stomach clenching tension. My only nit to pick with the novel—and it's a small but annoying one—is that it doesn't have quite as satisfying an ending as the first book. Instead, this book leaves us at a cliffhanger with Reggie definitely in peril, making us anxious to grab the next book in the series and find out what happens to Reggie in the words ahead! But despite the ending, I found Reggie's struggles just as compelling and scary as in the first book and the plot twists still caught me by surprise again and again. If you love horror that keeps you clutching the book's spine for hours, this series is definitely a "must read."

The Book

Little Brown
September 1,2009
9780315035712 / 0316035718
Teen / Horror
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2010
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