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A Maximum Ride series, No 7
James Patterson

Hachette Audio
March 14, 2011/ ISBN 9781607886969
Young Adult / Science Fiction/Thriller

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

From the very beginning, the Maximum Ride novels were intense, gripping books. Angel is no different. Max and the flock are free and relaxing at Max’s mom’s house. The nightmares from her captivity at the school still plague her from time to time. For now, things were pretty peaceful.

Then, she found out that her mom had allowed the doctor from the school to visit. She said he would be accompanied by Jeff, their only friend among the staff at the school. This, added to the loss of Fang - her one love - and Max began to have nightmares again. She dreamed she was again in a cage at the school.

When Max awoke, she was in a tree outside her mom’s home. Once again, Dylan, the newest member of the flock, was pestering her. He could never replace Fang in her heart, even if he said he was “programmed” to be her mate. Now, her sister, Ella, had brought home a brochure for a group of people whose rallying cry was “Save the Earth! Kill the humans!”

As usual, Patterson has woven a tale filled with suspense and action. Once again, the peace-loving Max and her flock are thrust into battle to save the lives of children. And it could be the final battle for the flock if they don’t win against the cult that wants the humans dead.

The plot turns again and again as the central figure in the battle turns out to be Angel, the youngest member of the flock. It is a wild story I listened to in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. I can hardly wait for book 8! Listen to Angel and anything else James Patterson has written. That’s a great way to spend your summer!

Reviewer's Note: Unabridged Audiobook 6 HRs 23 MIN. --- Contains violence

Reviewed 2011
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