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Mike Mullin

September 2011 / ISBN 1933718552
Teen / Action & Adventrue / Suspense / Volcanoes / Survival

Reviewed by Willie Elliott

Mike Mullin has written a novel for young adults that would probably leave a veteran reader with a remark such as, "Are you kidding me?” But one must hand it to the author: he knows his audience, and they will eat it up.

The entire novel covers the trials and tribulations of fifteen-year-old Alex in his search for his sister and parents after a cataclysmic volcano eruption.

At first the novel is simply a series of episodes without much character building. Then Alex meets Darla and her family, and the two hook up as a team, which gives the author a chance to develop the characters of his protagonists. While both act beyond what one would expect for such young people, the action settles into a nice relationship with each doing a part to help them survive.

The author knows not only his audience but also realizes the potential for a sequel and ends the novel at a perfectly good spot for his sequel, Ashen Winter, coming in October 2012.

Even with super-sizing his characters, Mullin has written a novel that holds the reader's (even older ones) attention and brings to mind the kinds of disasters that are possible on this planet. I enjoyed it very much.

Reviewed 2011
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