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Mandy Hubbard

Razorbill / Penguin Group
July 2011/ ISBN 1595144234
Young Adult Fiction

Reviewed by Carmen Ferreiro

As curses go, Lexie has the perfect one. She is cursed to be beautiful no matter what. Even if she has been crying, even if the rain ruins her hair, even if she has not slept for the last two years. I know many teenagers who will kill to have this curse.

But Lexie is not happy, for there is a catch. Every night she must go in the water and swim, or she will feel like she is walking on glass the next day. And this is because she is a siren, cursed by an angry rival of her great-great-great grandmother to charm with her singing any male within earshot and lure him into following her into the water and to his death.

This is what happened on her sixteenth birthday, the day her curse started. The drowned boy was her crush and Lexie is devastated. She has kept to herself since, pushing away her former friends.

And now as her senior year starts, she plans to do the same. But, somehow, this time things do not go as planned. Cole, Lexie's former crush's best friend, is talking to her and seems to like her. Sienna, the drowned boy's sister, wants to be friends again. And to complicate things further, the new boy in the school promises her, he will break her curse if only she falls for him.

Ripple is yet another love triangle with a paranormal twist between a beautiful girl and two hot boys in a high school setting.

The formula has worked its magic many times in the last few years proving there is a market for this kind of story. A market of teen girls I'm sure will love this one too, despite the lack of satisfactory background story or the lack of logic in the current one.

Reviewer Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban is the author of a YA fantasy Two Moon Princess and four nonfiction titles.
Reviewed 2011
© 2011