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The Legion of Shadow
Destiny Quest - Book I
Michael J Ward

May 17, 2012 / ISBN 978-0575118720
Teenage / Fantasy Game

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Many years ago I spotted a book called The Warlock of Firetop Mountain in my local bookstore window. Great, I thought, a new fantasy novel. On closer inspection I saw that it was actually a game-in-book form where your choices determined the outcome, a cracking new idea. But it wasn't for adults, it was a children's book so I left the store feeling fed up. Surely some enterprising author could come up with something bigger and better for older readers? Twenty-two years later they have and this is it.

You could prop a door open with this mighty tome so straight away you can see that this is a proper fantasy story for teenage and adult readers. Inside are some interesting-looking charts to fill in plus some colored maps in the center of the book. An introduction prepares you for how to play the game, which is a cross between that long-ago book and a Dungeons and Dragons type system. You will need a pair of dice too for those battles with beasties and to print out several of those character and score sheets which you can also download from the website. Then it is up to you as you choose an adventure by looking at one of the maps (four different levels of these) and off you go. The story is typical of this type of thing so don't expect anything ground breakingly original. However if, like this reviewer, you are only too pleased to see a traditional quest-based story with all the D&D trappings then you ought to enjoy it all well enough. Playing through it all should take longer than it would do to read a straight book and personally I found it all great fun and just the thing to take on a vacation unless you are going on a plane as it is quite heavy. The second book is coming out this winter so watch this space for another review.

Reviewed 2012