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Confessions of a Murder Suspect
James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
Read by Emma Galvin

Hachette Audio
September 24, 2012/ ISBN: 1619691965
Mystery / Young Adult - (Unabridged) Audio CDRun Time: 6 hours, 3 minutes

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

James Patterson teams up with Maxine Paetro to give us one of the best teen mysteries I’ve read in a while. Sixteen-year-old Tandy Angel is awakened in the middle of the night to learn that the New York City police are on their way to the Angel family’s penthouse apartment in the exclusive and expensive Dakota apartment building. She answered the door to two NYPD detectives responding to a call from that apartment. Though Tandy assured them no one called because everyone was asleep, they assured her someone called saying there was an emergency. When Tandy started to wake her parents, the detectives insisted on going with her. As she approached her parents’ suite, the detectives pushed past her and entered Malcolm and Maud Angel’s bedroom before her. She saw her parents lying dead in their bed and her world fell apart.

Tandy’s parents had been murdered! The doors had all been locked, and nobody could get into the apartment without a key. The killer had to be one of them, Tandy or her three brothers. It seemed inconceivable, but there was no one else. Tandy couldn’t trust any of them, not even herself. The Angels were far from a normal family. Tandy knew she would have to find the killer herself.

Confessions of a Murder Suspectis one book you can’t put down. From beginning to end, the story goes fast, moving from one crisis to the next as four frightened and confused children find themselves accused of murdering their parents. The story gets more complicated the more they learn. The characters are different, yes, but believable all the same. No profanity or sex scenes mar the story and the violence is minimal. Emma Galvin does a wonderful job of making the story live. Listen to Confessions of a Murder Suspectand enjoy a great story.

Reviewer's Note: Contains violence
Reviewed 2013