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What the Spell
Life’s a Witch series, #1
Brittany Geragotelis

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
January 29, 2013 / ISBN 978-1442468153
Young Adult Fiction

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Brooklyn Sparks feels invisible. Her guidance counselor, Ms. Zia, notices her, but Asher Astley, the classmate Brooklyn has a crush on, does not. Most of all, Brooklyn longs to be part of The Elite, five students who are treated like teen royalty. But everything changes on Brooklyn’s 16th birthday, when her parents release the spell they've woven around her and Brooklyn’s witching powers are released.

Brooklyn tests her newfound skills by enhancing her looks. The magic works and Brooklyn is noticed by the Elite and asked to join their clique, but first she must pass several tests to prove her worthiness. She also gains Asher’s attention, and soon learns that he and his younger sister, Abby, are also witches. As she grows closer to Asher, he asks only that she tell him no lies. But the path of love doesn't always run smooth, and to become one of the Elite, Brooklyn is asked to do things that could hurt others, including lying to Asher.

What the Spell is the most enchanting young adult novel I've read in recent years and is one I would encourage my teens to read. I found it easy to identify with Brooklyn, who, like all teens, has insecurities. She mistakenly believes that joining the Elite will allow her to help others. Like us all, Brooklyn must make choices, and though she doesn't always make the correct ones, I thoroughly enjoyed watching her character grow. She changed from an insecure young woman to one of determination and caring.

Ms. Geragotelis is an exceptional author who has a wonderful way with words and an outstanding plot that drew me in immediately. I was hooked until the very last page and can't wait for the next release in this outstanding series.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2013