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A Boy Called Christmas
Matt Haig
Illustrated by Chris Mould

Random House Children's Books
11/01/2016/ ISBN 9780399552656
Fiction / Fantasy/ Tweener/Teen / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

A Boy Called Christmas showed up at my door one day. I didn’t order it, nor was I familiar with author Matt Haig. I thought "what the heck" and decided to add a little Christmas cheer to my day. A Boy Called Christmas is far from cheery, in fact, the beginning is pretty gloomy, which makes the ending so wonderul. Despite Eleven-year-old Nikolas’ sad beginning, I found myself chuckling at the author's wit and delivery. When Aunt Carlotta arrived I grumbled, hoping she’d get her just desserts. It was sad to see Nikolas’ father leave him, but they needed money. His father joins an expedition to find Elfhelm. Nikolas and his cheese-dreaming mouse Miika follow suit and head Far North, as well. On the way, Nikolas’ life takes a magical turn after he meets a flying reindeer, elves Father Topo & Little Noosh, and when he receives a little dose of drimwick (a hope spell). The storyline then takes readers through the best part, the creation and transition of Father Christmas. It’s truly a matchless, memorable Christmas story.

Young readers will enjoy Haig’s unique version of the North Pole, Elves, and how Father Christmas came to be. Haig’s wicked humor is something readers of Lemony Snicket will understand. I think tweeners and teens will get Haig's tongue-in-cheek humor as they cheer Nikolas on.

Reviewed 2017