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Athena's Choice
Adam Boostrom

January 18, 2019
/ ISBN 9781794205550
Teen / Science Fiction / Crime & Mystery

Reviewed by David M Powers


A powerful story that explores the nature of what it is to be human, three different laws of robotics, the power of genetic engineering and the nature of biological, social and technological evolution.

This book establishes a near future that many of our children should live to see - if we don't destroy ourselves before then. The science and technology are lightly portrayed for the futuristic context, projecting current directions in immersive wearable integrated computer technology. as well as a supercomputer AI. Characters vary in the degree of development, although we start to get inside the mind and emotions of our heroine, and the uncertainties and tensions surrounding who she actually is. The plot drives on well, with plenty of hints as to where it's headed, while leaving a few surprises for the end.

While not quite unputdownable, and broken up by historical snippets of various sorts, the story has incredible intellectual depth and a solid writing style, as well as a high level of originality and creativity.

Reviewer’s Notes: although the book is rated 13 up by the author/publisher, it is really appropriate for adults and will provide challenges in more than one sense for the teens. It includes occasional profanity and mild sexual references.

AU Reviewer: David M W Powers is the author of over 300 scientific papers and a couple of books on Artificial Intelligence, Psycholinguistics, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles. His alter ego, Marti Ward, explores the implications of advanced technologies in science fiction.
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