NSYNC Confidential by Angie Nichols
The Unofficial Book
Amphoto Books - January 1, 1999
ISBN: 0823083535 - Large Paperback
All Ages

Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks, MyShelf.com
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This book has amazing photos, personal stats, and little known facts about Justin, JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris. You can learn how and why they have their nicknames and who gave the names to them. For example, did you know that Lance got the nickname “Scoop” from Joey’s brother, Steven Fatone? He apparently got the name because he is the most organized of the group. 

Being a major fan of this group of talented, handsome guys, the chance to not only review but also OWN this book was a major thrill. This book is awesome. There are no words to describe how sizzling the pictures are in this book. . It’s a great gift for any teenage girl who wants to learn more about these gorgeous, artistic gentlemen. If you love NSYNC, this is definitely the book for you! 

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