60 Clues About Guys
A Guide to Feelings, Flirting, and Falling in Like
By Roxanne Camron
Illustrated by Ariane Elsammak
Lunchbox Press - February 2002
ISBN 0-9678285 Trade Paperback
Children / Nonfiction
Ages 8 to Young Adult

Reviewed by: Beverly J. Rowe, MyShelf.Com
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Nothing grabs a 'tween girl's interest like guys, and nothing is more confusing! What do boys really think? Teen expert, Roxanne Camron has interviewed hundreds of teen boys to give the answers young girls need to help understand the opposite sex. Camron was the editor-in-chief of "Teen" Magazine for over 20 years, and editorial director of the Petersen Youth Group. She has received hundreds of letters from girls relating to the boy-girl mystery, and has conducted many interviews with boys to try to help girls feel better about their friendships and relationships with boys, and about themselves.

Camron gives great advice on how to be comfortable around boys, how to tell if he likes you, and what attributes boys find attractive, what to do, and what not to do. She touches on the danger signs of abusive behavior and how to control other situations while stressing self-worth and the importance of maintaining a positive self-image. There is a "Dating Diary" in the back of the book to keep notes to yourself about guys.

There are quotes from hunks like Enrique Eglesias, Ricky Martin, Justin Timberlake and other male celebrities on how to act, how to attract, and how to set limits. Written in today's fun, fresh, teen language that you can really understand, this book is indispensable for the girl half of the boy/girl equation. Imaginative illustrations bring a laugh, and remind you of kids you know.

I wish there had been books like this available back in the dark ages when I was a teen, but you can bet that each of my granddaughters will receive a copy. Camron has written seven other teen nonfiction books.

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