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The Fresh Politics Reader
Making Current Events and Public Affairs Relevant to Young Americans; part of The Practical Libertarian Collection Series

by Taylor W. Buley

      The author, Taylor W. Buley, has a great way of looking at political topics. Interesting and fresh (as the title implies) discussions on topics such as abortion, gun laws, and Social Security; and not the same old Left and Right views but something more substantial. I did feel at times that the book lectured "this is what you are probably thinking but you should be thinking this way," but it works because it makes the reader think outside of the box; at least I did. I think that I have a good idea of what is happening in our government and Buley's words struck a cord in me, and opened my eyes to many things, that I hadn't considered. I think that this book should be a requirement for any voter... just so that each person has a better idea of what is going on in our government today and can make a more reasonable, if not more educated choice when planning their future.

The Fresh Politics Reader would make for a great gift for a graduating senior.

The Book

Silver Lake Publishing
February 28, 2006
YA/Adult Non-fiction - Miscellaneous
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Dawn Talley
Reviewed 2006
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