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Gener@tion Debt
Take Control of Your Money - A How-To Guide

by Carmen Wong Ulrich

      Gener@tion Debt covers everything from where debt originates to overcoming it. According to author Carmen Wong Ulrich, college education and student loans are the main sources of debt for most young adults. The book describes a catch-22 most people face: finding money to pay for an education in order to get a better job that pays more money. Also, it explains the problems today's young adults face, such as credit card expenses and health care costs that add to growing debt.

After establishing the source of debt, Ulrich offers many suggestions to help people take control of their money and manage it better. Several approaches can be taken, such as how to save or invest money. When it comes to managing the credit cards or handling student loans, Gener@tion Debt breaks down many of the options that are available. One of the best things about the book is that it discusses not only getting rid of debt, but how to make and save money through smart money choices! It breaks down complicated things like setting up a 401 (k), buying a car, or buying a house into simple terms that are easy to understand. It provides readers with an overall picture in order to help them make better decisions that ultimately save money in the long run. Strategies to manage money are straightforward, and lots of opportunities where money can be saved or made are shared with readers.

The book should be a requirement for all high school students. It contains vital information that every American should know, and it promotes smart money management in almost every situation.

The Book

Warner Business Books
January 2006
Young Adult / Nonfiction / money
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Sarah Richard
Reviewed 2006
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