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A Virgin's Guide to Everything
From Sushi to Sample Sales--A Novice's Handbook to Doing It Right

by Lauren McCutcheon, Forward by Veronica Chambers

      Do you dream of surfing while your feet stay planted in the sand? Are you stumped about how to ask for a raise? Do you need guidance on your first doctor's appointment? Help has arrived. A Virgin's Guide to Everything outlines several first-time events that benefit from women who have "been there, done that." More importantly, you will learn from women who know how to do it right.

Author Lauren McCutcheon chooses fun and important first times for twenty to thirty-something women. Ever thrown a cocktail dinner party -one with class and without the keg? A great hostess plans for the budget, theme, invitations, decorations, drinks, food, glasses, music, activities, and friends to help or 'wing women'. Are you the Sushi Virgin among your friends? You will learn the basics, like wasabi goes in the soy sauce, and ginger is eaten between courses. McCutcheon and her expert 'Go-to Girls' share sound information among ten categories such as entertaining, health and fitness, spirits and sustenance, dating, travel, work, the great outdoors, art and culture, fashion, and money. Did you just get a day spa certificate for the holidays? Find out why you should pack chocolate, champagne, and cigarettes.

A Virgin's Guide to Everything guides first-timers on a variety of experiences. McCutcheon also includes websites and other sources to gain additional help. The book purposely excludes monumental first-time experiences, like first jobs or first babies. Many people need help with a part of their lives, whether that includes a first Internet date, first opera, or first credit card debt. Why wing your way through the firsts when you can get some help? A Virgin's Guide to Everything is a fun read for those wanting trendy advice in the firsts that come our way!

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5 Spot / Time Warner
December 27, 2005
Non-fiction - Self-Help
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