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King for Kids
School and Family Edition

by Dr. Clayborne Carson

      This two disc collection of the speeches, sermons, and commentaries of Dr. Martin Luther King is marketed as an educational tool for schools and families of young adults. Don't be misled into thinking the material is too shallow or simplistic for an adult generation. Andrew Young, Coretta Scott King, Edward Kennedy, Dorothy Height, and others provide excellent commentaries on Dr. King as man, myth, and message to easily captivate the adolescent mind and just as easily capture the adult mind.

Through King's own words and voice (sometimes nearly inaudible in his early speeches), the younger listener has history brought to life in a way which compels him to reflect on what the life of the past generation was like. The older listener is called upon to put into somber perspective just what a tragedy and loss the world suffered with Dr. King's untimely death. Yet, at the same time as feelings of conviction surface, we, as older listeners, recall the dream of Dr. King and re-envision it with the same passion that is heard in the voice of the man resurrected from history and brought forth into a hurting and divided world.

The series attempts to blend the man and the myth, giving both a chronological accounting of King's adult life and the development of his dream of a unified and supportive America. However, at no time does the focus shift from King's theological dream to King the man, larger than life. He is not glorified or made hallowed into a statuesque legend. He is a man whose power is in his words and his eloquence, inspiring our passion to keep the dream alive long after the dreamer has died.

King for Kids is a misleading title. It is no more just about Martin Luther King than it is just for kids.

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Hachette Audio
January 2008
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