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Retro Gaming
A Byte-sized History of Video Games - From Atari to Zelda
Mike Diver

LOM Art (Michael O’Mara)
3 October 2019 / Out 20 August 2020 in US/ ISBN 9781912785100
Teen /
Non Fiction/Gaming / Programming

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


If you were around in the early days of computer gaming you might remember playing The Hobbit on the Spectrum, or Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Megadrive. Relive the highs and lows of the old days with this book, or amuse anybody too young to remember with how clunky and old fashioned it all seems now!

I have fond memories of doing both the above having been a fan since opening my Spectrum on Christmas morning back in 1983. Alongside the success stories are the consoles that never took off, the games nobody wanted to play and the add-ons that sounded cool but were the exact opposite. There is nothing quite like being around during the early days of anything that becomes hugely popular and this book relives it all. Profusely illustrated in color and divided into sections for different systems this is a fun book to have around and dip into in odd moments. Read about the consoles that became household names and the games made for them. Discover what worked and why, and what bombed (and also why). Anything like this is fun to read whether you were there or not, and is also a fascinating slice of social history from the 80s until (mostly) the 00s. You won’t find the DS in here, or the Wii, X-Box or anything else from the past fifteen or so years as this is a look at older technology than that. The author manages to eschew chunks of what could have been rather dry technical text into short bites that keep it all fun and interesting. Fascinating trip down memory lane if you were there and an entertaining history lesson if you weren’t.

Reviewed 2020