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Access Denied
(and other eighth grade error messages)

by Denise Vega


Erin Swift is finally finished with seventh grade...The Year Of Humiliating Events...and is ready to take on eighth grade. This year is going to be different. Erin is really computer savvy, and plans to be the president of I-Club and lead the work on the school website.  She has a blog that starts with a Hot-O-Meter where she enters the cute guys who deserve "Hot" status, and follows up with all her current thoughts and problems.

Erin gradually learns that eighth grade comes with its own set of rules and problems for her to navigate.  Her mom is treating her more like an eight year old than an eighth grader. Her best friend, Jilly, is acting strange and there is a new girl at Molly Brown Middle School who thinks it would be a good idea to re-make Erin. She isn't the best influence Erin could have. Erin's parents are fairly strict, and every time Erin follows Reede Harper's lead, trouble happens.

When Erin meets her brother's friend, Jeff, she falls instantly in love, but the older guy doesn't behave the way she expects. Her last year's crush, Mark, is beginning to realize Erin is really the girl for him.  It looks like the humiliating events weren't just for last year, and disaster is just one bad choice away. Then when tragedy strikes a long time personal friend, Erin may have to re-think nearly everything.

Denise Vega has expertly crafted a story with compelling characters and a fast moving, but realistic plot that nearly every teen can relate to. After dealing with all her eighth grade problems, will Erin be able to salvage the year and make it her best yet?

This story will especially appeal to teen girls, because Erin's problems are universal...but her solutions are not.

The Book

Little, Brown Young Readers
July 1, 2009
0316034487 / 978-0316034487
Fiction / Tweener
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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2009
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