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The Bomb That Followed Me Home
Rumpleville Chronicles, Book # 3

by Cevin Soling
Illustrator: Steve Kille

      The Bomb That Followed Me Home is the third book in the Rumpleville Chronicles of Fairly Twisted Fairy Tales, and "fairly twisted" certainly can be applied to this book of the series. The story is about a boy who is trailed by a stray bomb, which is referred to as if it were a dog or some other pet. The boy begs his mother to let him keep the bomb, but she knows she will get stuck with guarding it.

The publisher's material states that "...the series are contemporary fables that are replete with social commentary." Yes, that can be found in the book, but if it is a children's book, which I assume it is, will they get it? Maybe that is part of the appeal of this book—something that young readers and their parents can read and discuss together.

First of all the absurdity of a bomb following a boy home certainly will catch the attention of both young and old readers. The discussion of the neighbors opens up a whole can of worms on being different and the right to be different.

The reader will certainly be tantalized by the ending, and it will be interesting to see what readers make of this volume of the series.

This is an intriguing story that will get some attention.

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Monk Media
November 27, 2007
Tweener Fiction
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