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Bubba & Giganto
Odds Against Us

by Lea Schizas

      Bubba & Giganto: Odds Against Us by Lea Schizas is a great story about two high school freshmen who become very unlikely friends. Bubba, a new boy in school, knows he's going to get picked on because his real given name is Bubba. Giganto actually has an acceptable name—it's David, but Bubba refers to him as Giganto because the ninth grader is six feet tall and over 200 pounds! They meet when Bubba literally bumps into David when Bubba steps off the school bus. Expecting a fight, Bubba is surprised when David apologizes and introduces himself. But trouble soon finds these two boys when they try out for the school soccer team, and a trio of bullies dare them into a scrimmage after school. Bubba discovers that David and the bullies are hiding a secret.

Lea Schizas has created two very memorable characters who show readers that friendships come in all combinations and sometimes from unlikely sources. Young readers will find the book funny and jaw dropping at the same time. Though the book is written about boys entering high school, I felt that the book would most appeal to younger readers in the tween age group (9-14), those slightly younger than the boys in this book. Young readers like to read about kids a little older than they are. Also, the characters aren't socially sophisticated and don't seem to be very interested in girls yet. I had to go back and reread the beginning to make sure that Bubba and David were in high school and not middle school. In fact, I could see this story set in a middle school as well as a high school.

All in all, Bubba & Giganto: Odds Against Us is a good read and has something important to say. I could see Lea Schizas writing a series of stories about the adventures of Bubba and David. How about it, Ms. Schizas?

The Book

4RV Publishing
July 1, 2008
Trade Paperback (reviewed from ARC)
0979751365 / 978-0979751363
Tweener Fiction
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Reviewed 2009
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