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Craven Deeds
Book One of the Gnome King Series

by Heather M. Elledge

      When I first started reading Craven Deeds, the first book in the Gnome King series by Heather M. Elledge, I got caught up in the contemporary story of fifteen-year-old Carla, who has lost her parents and come to live with her wealthy grandmother. But when Carla is pulled into a magical world inside a snow globe that has been in the family for generations, at first I wanted to go back into our reality and see how Carla copes with her loss and change of living arrangements. But the story that unfolds inside the magical snow globe is where Carla works out her grief and comes to terms with herself and her grandmother. This magical world thrusts Carla into a hero's journey with eight gnomes to find the kidnapped Gnome King and restore the world's balance. On her journey, she discovers that the gnomes have long been at war with the faeries (not your normal fey folk but six-foot, grim-faced, blue faeries!) and that each of her companions, just as she does, has a secret.

Elledge, a neuroscientist, has written a fast-paced adventure that delves into human motivations (even if played out with gnomes and faeries). There are many dangers, a couple of curses, and several narrow escapes. Elledge also doesn't drop into the saccharin realm of some fairy tales where everyone lives happily ever after in the end. Some companions fall victim to the dangers of the road and no amount of an author's magic can resurrect them. Elledge does, however, help Carla resolve her own personal dilemmas.

There is speculation that the Gnome King books will be a trilogy, while others say that it will be a multi-book series. In either case, I am very curious to see how Elledge continues the story in the other books in this series, and how Carla returns to the Gnome world or if she even does. Soon, Ms. Elledge, soon.

The Book

Infinity Publishing
August 15, 2008
Trade Paperback
0741447282 / 978-0741447289
Tweener Fantasy
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NOTE: Explicit Language

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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2009
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