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by Estee Wells

      (Estee Wells, a high school sophomore from Roanoke, Indiana, was 14 years old when she won her scholarship award with Dimensions. She is home-schooled by her mother. The cover picture was designed by another home school student, 16 year old Brie Jenkins.)

In this fantasy, two boys from Indiana are transported by a mysterious visitor into the strange world of a different space and time dimension from Earth, which they never never knew existed. In a high-stakes adventure, the boys are called upon to save this strange new world from certain extinction, and their own lives in the process. Austin was given a small stone by his father; carrying that, along with an ancient book as weapons, they accept their mission to face a sinister evil.

Austin's father had abandoned the family, and much of the responsibility for his little sister, Zoe, falls to Austin. Austin and his friend Daniel are playing computer games when an apparition claiming to be a messenger from the "Holy One' arrives and transports the boys to the alternative universe where they battle the forces of evil.

This first literary effort by a teen is very well done with compelling characters and filled with fast action and unique ideas. It has a multi-level plot that supports good family values and is exciting enough to capture the imaginations of reluctant readers.

The Book

Baker Trittin Press
May 15, 2008
0981489311 / 978-0981489315
Tweener Fiction
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NOTE: Second place winner in the 2007 Tweener Time International Championship Series

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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Beverly J. Rowe is's "Babes to Teens" columnist, covering topics related to reading ideas for the youth in the family.
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