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Dreamhouse Kings, Book 3

by Robert Liparulo

      Robert Liparulo continues the non-stop action of his bestselling new horror / adventure series for tweens and teens in the third book, Gatekeepers. †This book takes place in one single day in the old, enigmatic house that the King family has moved into. Starting with a close escape from a portal into the Civil War, brothers David and Alexander (Xander) still are searching for their mother, who was abducted by a giant barbarian. In addition, they have to figure out a way to get their father out of jail and keep their younger sister safe while a sinister stranger named Taksidian tries first to legally clear the house of Kings and then tries to break in. Entering this tense mix is Jesse, a frail old man, who claims to have special knowledge of the house. He suggests that the Kings have a destiny within the house itself and probably are the portals' gatekeepers. The children just want to find their mother and get their father back home. But to do that, they still must enter the dangerous portals into the past—and the one that Xander and his father thought was idyllic just may hold the key to the future.

Liparulo, as always, delivers heart-pounding adventure and narrow escapes. And, like the previous two novels, this book ends with a perilous cliffhanger. The author definitely knows how to hold a reader's attention and keep young people turning pages. He also has begun incorporating suggestions from young readers into each new book. † Timescape, the fourth in the series, is due out in July.

Very well done!

The Book

Thomas Nelson
January 6, 2009
1595544984 / 978-1595544988
Tweener / Teen Fiction, Horror
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2009
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