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Hiding Glory

by Laura Chester
Illustrated by Gary Lippincott


Turner Flint collects toy horses. The tiny horses occupy most of the areas in Turner's room and are her pride and joy. Summer is nearly over and Turner is a bit depressed, but when she spies a tiny blue horse guarding the morning glories in her window box, she finds that she is back in good spirits.

This little blue horse is named Glory, and Turner accompanies him on a flight of fancy to the magical land of Joya. There are all sorts of delightful creatures living in Joya, ruled by a cheerful Queen Mother and her counsel of pansies. Then Turner learns that the Kermudgins are coming. Kermudgins are beetle-like creatures that are averse to playing and laughter, want everything to be organized according to their plan, and who will surely take the joy out of Joya. Turner and Glory must do battle to get rid of the tribe of tidy-uppers that are disrupting the pleasures of their favorite land.

Filled with delightful black and white illustrations by Gary Lippincott, this book is a wonderful read-aloud experience for the whole family. It is well-suited to the imaginations of younger children, but will appeal to older children for independent reading, with its fast action and exciting plot.

The Book

Willow Creek Press
1595436162 / 978-1595436160
Children Fiction / Ages 8-12 (read aloud to younger children)
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The Reviewer

Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2009
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