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How to Buy a Love of Reading

by Tanya Egan Gibson


Long Island Sound is where Carley Wells and her teen friends reside. Carley finds that life as a teen is complicated even on a good day.  Everywhere she turns, turns, tons of words greet her at an overwhelming pace.  She struggles with SAT lists that blow her mind, then, when she tries to lose weight, she gets a fifty-seven page physical assessment. She isn’t sure if she is suppose to read it, or use it as a hand weight.  To top it all off, her English teacher has had it in for her ever since she gave him an answer he didn’t like to the question of what her favorite book was.  How could she have a favorite book, when she has never found one to hold her interest?

Carley’s parents can’t stand to see their daughter suffer, nor are they willing to stand by and let her fail.  They make the decision to hire a live-in novelist to write the perfect book for Carley, one that is tailored to her own unique specifications.  They are sure that once Carley’s teacher learns of all the effort that has been put into creating this book, which Carley will love, he will have no choice but to pass her.

Carley, inevitably, finds herself in love with Hunter Cay.  Hunter is a man of many words and he can weave them in a way that ties him to her heart.  He is her true opposite and proves that the theory that opposites attract just might be true.  Carley uses Hunter as a bolster against her insecurities and Hunter cries out to Carley to save him from a life of drugs and alcohol.

Will Carley’s parents’ efforts be enough for her to pass English?  Will her love be enough to convince Hunter to stop throwing his life away?  What's a teen to do when her life is so full of drama?

In this one book there are tons of inner stories that explode into interesting plots that keep you well entertained.  You have to be quick on your literary feet to be able to absorb each one as it unfolds before your eyes.  I tired to put myself in a teen’s mind when I read / reviewed this book.  I realize today’s average teen is more of a multi-tasker then when I was their age.   This is one book that will offer you a more engaging plot than you ever dreamed existed.  It will offer a challenge to anyone who takes the time to experience it.

The Book

Dutton Adult
May 14, 2009
0525951148 / 978-0525951148
Tween Fiction
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2009
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